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There’s lots to see and hear so please take your time. The "Listen & Buy" link features Rick's solo release “Seems To Me". This collection features an  "A List"  of KC musicians playing nine original songs and a nostalgic cover of "It Had To Be You" Available on this site by clicking on the "Listen and Buy" link,  ITunes  CDBaby  Spotify or in person at one of his performances. 

Rick is currently available for gigs, session work, co-writing and producing.  Need guitar, bass, vocals? 

Check with Rick via the contact page on this site. 

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BLAST FROM THE PAST: This year celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Morningstar's Columbia Records release of two albums. Morningstar (1977) and Morningstar Venus (1978) Both albums have been re-mastered and re-released this past April from Rock Candy Records. Here's a link to both LPs.





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